Photographic Archive


The photographic archive, which houses ancient and modern materials, is divided into two sections: the historic archive and the modern archive.


Conserves material that belonged to the Istituto Tecnico “Galileo Galilei”, the direct heir of the ancient Istituto Tecnico Toscano. It includes various portraits of professors and students of the school and a collection of didactic slides on plates.

The material is in the process of being reorganised.


Conserves more than 3000 pictures that reproduce objects (instruments, findings, models, preparations, manufactures) of the physics, natural sciences, and arts and manufactures collections, the graphics collections, and several frontispieces and illustrations of library books.

The material is in the process of being reorganised.


The catalogue that can be consulted on-line contains a generous selection of images that can be visualised directly, each of which is accompanied by information on the characteristics of the photographic takes. Moreover, it is connected to the computerised catalogues of the scientific collections, and from these it is possible to accede directly to the picture of the object described. All photos are the property of the Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica, and their reproduction without precise permission from the Fondazione is prohibited.
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