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The collection of scientific instruments is being catalogued in accordance with the STS national standard distributed by the Central Institute for Catalogues and Documentation of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage. The sections already catalogued are presented here. A profile is offered for each item, with a selection of the most numerous data collected and processed. It includes the name of the item, the certain or presumed date of its making, the material author when known or attributed, and the dimensions; each one is also illustrated with a colour photo. The author is introduced in the form most similar to the relative signature possibly present on the item, or else in a conversational format.

It is possible to consult the profiles through the branches of physics, given categories to which each object refers, or through free research by name or by author.

Printed catalogues relative to the sections catalogued are also available.

Contact us for advice, suggestions or information.The collection has survived virtually intact through to the present day, even though it has suffered considerable neglect. Following intense efforts to identify, restore and catalogue the instruments, the entire collection has now been reordered in a manner not dissimilar to how a visitor would have seen it at the beginning of the 20th century. ‘The Physics Cabinet’s collection of 19th-century scientific instruments, which is remarkable for its consistency and completeness, is without a doubt the most important collection of its kind in Italy and one of the fullest in Europe.

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